What Is A Yankee Bet?

A common question we get asked is “What is a Yankee Bet?”. A Yankee is a combination bet, which involves four different races. The bet contains six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. That makes eleven bets in all, so if you are placing a one pound Yankee, the bet will cost you eleven pounds

Unless you already understand what doubles, trebles and fourfolds mean, that probably will not make a great deal of sense to you. Let’s take an example of a Yankee bet and go through everything.

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Example of a Yankee Bet


Race 1: Harry The Giant 2.0

Race 2: Whispering Death 2.0

Race 3: Pebble Beach 2.0

Race 4: Very Entertaining 2.0

£1.00 Yankee.

Total amount bet: £11.00

Here, we can see that our four horses have been selected from the first four races at Chepstow. You are not restricted to placing a Yankee on races from just one meeting. You can place a Yankee bet on four races from various meetings, if you like. We have kept this simple by giving all of the horses the same price (2.0 or evens).

If Harry The Giant wins, but our other three horses lose, we get no money back. Our bet does not contain any singles and we need to find at least two winners to get some kind of return.

If Harry The Giant and Whispering Death win, we have a winning double. This would be the case if any two of our horses had won. So we had £1 going on Harry The Giant and that returned £2. This £2 then goes on Whispering Death and returns £4. That is our total return. Even though we picked two winners, we still lost £7.

But, let’s say Pebble Beach won, as well. Now we have three winning doubles (£4 each), plus one winning treble (this returns £8). In this case, our return would be £20, in total.

All 4 Winners in a Yankee Bet

Now let’s assume that all four horses won. We would have six doubles (£4 each), four trebles (£8 each) and one fourfold (£16) Now our total return is £74. You can see the huge difference it makes, when we pick four winners.

Now let’s look at a dream scenario, for us! What if all of the horses were prices at 10.0, rather than 2.0. How much would we win, if we got all four correct?

We would have six winning doubles (£100 each), four winning trebles (£1000 each) and one winning fourfold (£10,000). Add those all up together and we have scooped an incredible £14,600! As you can see, a Yankee bet can make you rich, if you get all four horses right and the prices are not short! But, if you only had two winners, at 10.0, you would still get back £100 – a very healthy profit on your £11.00 total bet.

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