How To View All Horse Racing Race-Cards, For Today & Tomorrow

betting at the racecourse

You can quickly and easily view race-cards, for today and tomorrow, here at RaceBets. Read on to discover how to quickly reach the race-cards you need and how to understand the information on each card…

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Selecting The Date

On our homepage, there is a small calendar icon. It sits on the top-left of your screen, if you are viewing us on a desktop device and on the top of the screen if you are using a mobile device.

When you click on the calendar, you will see it displayed. Now you can select any date you want, so select tomorrow’s date to look at the race-cards.

Selecting A Meeting

Now you can see where all of tomorrow’s action is taking place. This includes gallop racing, trotting and greyhound meetings. Select a horse racing meeting and click on race #1.

Understanding The Race Data

You will be directed to the page with all available information for that race. At the very top, you can see the name of the racecourse, the day, the date and the type of racing (eg. gallop).

In the panel that is underneath, there will be confirmation of the race number, what type of contest it is (e.g. maiden) and what class. Also displayed is the ages of horses that are running, the distance, whether the race is jumps or flat and the purse.

The surface is also displayed, so you will know if it is a turf or all-weather track. Finally, the number of places paid in the race is listed, as well as the odds for placing (usually 1/4 or 1/5 odds).

Below that, is the main panel, which shows all the horses running in that race. The information about each runner is displayed in the first 4 columns, running left to right.

Column 1 shows the number that has been allocated to the horse and also the draw number.

Column 2 shows the colours that are being worn by the jockey and the name of the horse. Underneath the name is the horse’s record in previous races. So, if a horse’s record shows 2-2-8-2-3, that means it has come 2nd, 2nd, 8th, 2nd and 3rd in its last five races.

Starting Prices

If you are looking at a horse race that is taking place tomorrow, it is likely that only starting price bets will be available. This will be indicated by the initials’ SP’. In most cases, fixed-odds (where you can take a guaranteed price) will not be offered until the morning of the race.

When you the the starting price, you do not know exactly what that price will be, until the race begins. This is because the starting price is set by the TOTE and is based on betting activity, prior to the race. If you want to be sure that you are getting a price that you feel is good value, then wait for the fixed odds to appear on race-day. We hope that explains everything clearly and that you are now able to find all race-cards, with ease.

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