Play RaceBets Tycoon & Win 5 Figure Prizes!

Play RaceBets Tycoon

How would you like the chance to win an enormous sum of bonus cash, by picking the top performing horses in the biggest races? RaceBets Tycoon game gives you the opportunity to do just that!

To become RaceBets Tycoon, you will need to pick the first 6 horses to finish the chosen race in the correct order. It’s as simple as that! If more than one player picks the 6 top horses, in the right order, then the RaceBets Tycoon jackpot will be shared.

To qualify, you just need to bet on races in specified RaceBets Tycoon qualifying meetings. For every 10 you bet, in these specified meetings, you will be awarded a special RaceBets Tycoon token. Every token gives you one chance of winning! The more tokens you gather, the more times you can enter (with different top-6 combos) and the bigger the chance you have of becoming the jackpot-winning Tycoon!

You can use each Tycoon token and choose your top-6 runners, as soon as the token has been awarded. Alternatively, you can wait until you have several tokens saved up and then use some or all on one online entry form.

Just imagine, being able to boast to your friends that you picked all 6 horses correctly and won a 5-figure bonus cash pay out!

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RaceBets Tycoon Competition T&Cs

General Terms

In the Tycoon tipping game, RaceBets customers must predict the first six finishers (in the correct order) in a specific race. Participation is open to all RaceBets customers. RaceBets reserves the right to exclude individual customers from participating, without needing to give a reason or explanation.

Should a situation or dispute arise that is not covered by the game rules and conditions, RaceBets may at any time amend or alter them at will. RaceBets also reserves the right to suspend the game at any time without giving reasons. Legal recourse is excluded.

Tycoon Coins

You will be credited with one Tycoon coin for each full £ 10.00 turnover made with SP and fixed-odds single bets, placed in the market announced on the game’s overview page. Bets placed in Ante-Post, Racetrack Wagering (Tote), Specials bets, Head-to-Heads and Multiples will not be taken into account and do not count towards the required turnover.

If any bets are refunded (for example due to non runners or cancelled bets), RaceBets reserves the right to retract the coins already issued. Any Racebets Tycoon selections (also referred to as tips) made with retracted coins will become invalid.

Tip placement and evaluation

Tips are to be placed exclusively via the RaceBets website. Tips can be placed shortly after the official starting field for the final race is announced and can be placed until the race comes under starters orders.

Each coin can be used to make one prediction. Customers are able to place the same prediction multiple times, if they wish. Coins used for combinations containing non-runners will be refunded and can be used to play different combinations.

In case of a dead-heat for one of the places, multiple combinations will win. Horses that place together will be attributed to the actual finishing position and the directly following place. If, for example, the horses finish in the order 1-2/3-4-5-6, horse 2 and 3 being placed second together, then the predictions of 1-2-3-4-5-6 and 1-3-2-4-5-6 both win.

RaceBets reserves the right to change the race, for which the correct order needs to be predicted, at short notice – especially if less than 6 runners are starting in the original final race. Tips that have already been placed will become invalid and the coins will be refunded to the customer.

Prize Money

A grand prize will be credited by RaceBets for the correct prediction as bonus money. The usual bonus conditions apply, however the money only has to be rolled over only once (not 5 times) before the money can be withdrawn.

In case of multiple winning tips, the prize money is divided by the number of winning bet slips and credited accordingly.

Should less than six horses finish the race, the bet slips that predict the remaining finishing order correctly will count as winners. For each one of the first six places without a placement, the prize money will be reduced by 50%.

For example: If the prize money is 10,000 EUR but only 5 horses finish, the prize money would be reduced to 5,000 EUR.

Play RaceBets Tycoon & Win 5 Figure Prizes!
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