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RaceBets Bash The Bookie Tipping Game

Our exclusive Bash The Bookie competition is extremely popular with our regular customers. Here’s a quick explanation about how it works, if you haven’t given it a go yet!

We select a meeting and ask all players to pick a horse from each of the first 6 races. RaceBets’ top UK bookie also selects 6 runners from the first 6 races.

Points are awarded for horses that win and place. These points are based on starting-prices, so there is an incentive to find winners at longer odds. Every entrant who outperforms our bookie wins £/€10 in bonus cash!

That’s not all, however! There’s much bigger prizes for the day’s top tipster and even bigger awards for the best tipsters of the month!

To qualify for our Bash The Bookie competition, you just need to place a total of £/€10 on the 6 selected races. These bets will be treated just like ordinary bets and you’ll be paid out in the normal way if they win.

As soon as these bets have been placed, you can make your Bash The Bookie selections. Once the competition is underway, you can track how your selections are doing and how many points other players have bagged by checking our live leaderboard.

Any bonus cash you win is paid out automatically. Our customers love Bash The Bookie, because it adds real excitement to their racing afternoons!

When you win, you can brag to your friends that you took on a genuine horse-betting pro and won!

You can always find out when the next Bash The Bookie game is due to be run, by hovering your mouse-cursor over the ‘Offers’ tab and selecting ‘Bash The Bookie’ from the drop-down menu.

Don’t miss the next chance to take on our bookie and all of the other competing players. Beat them all and add a huge stack to your betting bankroll!

Play Bash The Bookie Now!


Bash The Bookie T&Cs


In order to participate you simply have to bet at least GBP 10 in the participating races.1 You can select and change your tips up until the start of the first race.


At the start of the first race, you can see the bookie’s tips under “Points”. The points will be awarded within one minute of the settlement of each race. If your chosen runner places, you will receive points equivalent to the SP place odds.

For a winner, there are additional victory points equal to the winning SP odds. If one of the selected horses is a non-runner, the SP favourite will be assigned instead. In cases where there is more than one favourite, the horse with the lowest card number will be assigned.


After the points for the first race have been awarded, you can then view the leaderboard. This is continuously updated throughout the game and will show the ten players with the most points. Further their tips for the remaining races in terms of the card numbers of the chosen runners.

If you or the bookie are not listed in the top 10, your placings will still be displayed on screen.


If after all six races you have more points than the bookie, you will win a prize. This is either a fixed amount that will be credited to your betting account as a bonus, or a percentage bonus. If it is a percentage bonus, it will be paid as a percentage of your winnings in the races of the game.1

However, this will only be paid out on bets that you placed before the start of the first race and up to a maximum of 30 EUR per race.

The overall winner who places first on the leaderboard will be credited the grand prize as a bonus on their account. Should more than one player have the same amount of points, the grand prize will be divided equally. If the game had a percentage bonus, players will receive the higher of the two amounts.

Monthly winner / Leaderboards

A separate leaderboard is kept for each calendar month. Here, the five highest game scores are listed for each player from the corresponding month. For example, if a player participates in eight different games in one month, the sum of their five highest points total will be the points total for the monthly winners leaderboard.

The monthly winner will receive an additional bonus of 300 EUR. Second will receive a bonus of 100 EUR and third place 50 EUR respectively. Should more than one player have the same amount of points, the bonus will be divided equally.

There might be individual leaderboards, e.g. for meetings. The prices for such leaderboards will be announced seperately. The points rewarded for any single game will always count only towards one leaderboard. Such decision will be made by RaceBets.


All prizes will be credited in form of bonuses to the players’ betting account with The standard terms and conditions for bonuses apply.

Amounts stated in a currency other than the account currency of the player, will be converted according the daily exchange rates used by RaceBets. By participating in the competition, the player agrees to have their first name and the first letter of their last name, as well as their Customer ID and tips published on the leaderboard.

RaceBets reserves the right to terminate a game at any time without previous notice for any reason or refuse payment of any winnings. The decision is final.

1 Accumulation bets cannot be considered for this competition.

Play Bash The Bookie Tipping Game
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