What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

Lucky 63 Betting

What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

Here is an explanation of what a Lucky 63 bet is and how to calculate it. This is a complicated combination bet, involving 63 separate wagers.

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The bet is comprised of six single bets, fifteen double bets, twenty treble bets, fifteen fourfold bets, six fivefold bets and one sixfold accumulator bet.

It is very similar to a Heinz bet. The only difference is that it also includes six single bets. This means that the bettor only requires one winner, in order to guarantee some kind of return.

The Lucky 63 bet is made by selecting six different runners in six separate races. The races do not need to be at the same meeting and nor do the races need to fall on the same day.

Example of a Lucky 63 Bet

Here is a simple example of a Lucky 63 wager…

Ayr (race one)   Army Moves 2.0

Ayr (race two)   Fell On His Sword 2.0

Ayr (race three)    Mack The Knife 2.0

Ayr (race four)    Grand Old Duke 2.0

Ayr (race five)   Call The Police 2.0

Ayr (race six)   Make My Day 2.0

£1.00 Lucky 63 bet

Total wagered: £63.00

Calculating a Lucky 63 Bet

In this example, we have attempted to keep everything as simple as possible. Our Lucky 63 bet was made on the first six races at Ayr. All of the horses were conveniently priced at 2.0 (which is the same as even money). We will calculate our return for one, two, three, four, five and six winners.

One winner: If only Army Moves (or any other of our picks) is a winner, our return is very low. We just have a single £1 bet that won at 2.0. This returned £2. Our net loss would be £61 pounds.

Two winners: If Army Moves and Fell On His Sword both win (or any two selections), we have two winning singles (paying £2 each) and one winning double (this pays £4). It’s still not a good return – just £8, leaving us with a £55 loss.

Three winners: With any three of our horses winning, the payout can be broken down, as follows.

Three singles – £2 each

Three doubles – £4 each

One treble – £8

Total returned – £26

Overall result – £37 loss


Four winners: As follows…

Four singles – £2 each

Six doubles – £4 each

Four trebles – £8 each

One fourfold – £16

Total returned – £80

Overall result – £17 profit


Five winners: As follows…

Five singles – £2 each

Ten Doubles – £4 each

Ten trebles – £8 each

Five fourfolds – £16 each

One fivefold – £32 pounds

Total returned – £242

Overall result – £179 profit


Six winners – As follows

Six singles – £2 each

Fifteen doubles – £4 each

Twenty trebles – £8 each

Fifteen fourfolds – £16 each

Six fivefolds – £32 each

One sixfold – £64 pounds

Total returned –  £728

Overall result – £665 profit

Betting With RaceBets

Combination bets, like the Lucky 63, are popular as there is a chance of securing a big win, yet the bettor still gets some kind of return when they manage to pick very few winners. RaceBets have many opportunities for combination betting. Click here to create your account.

What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?
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