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Racing At Bangalore

Horse racing has a long and distinguished history in Bangalore and the Bangalore Turf Club was formed in the early 1920s. 4 gentlemen were involved in the formation of the organisation and a core of thirty members was soon built. It was decided that only men would be charged to attend the races and women were let in for free.

The initial list of club-rules took three months to draft, with regular meetings at the United Services Club. The club was also involved in promoting both polo and hunting.

During the Second World War, the Bangalore Turf Club was heavily involved in the raising of war revenues. The cash was contributed through the Mysore State War Relief Fund.

Racecourse Details

The racecourse sits within an 85 acre site that is incredibly green and lush. It is a beautiful oasis that can be found right in the heart of Bangalore. The weather here is regarded as being very favourable and Summer fixtures are extremely popular, but the action also takes place at Bangalore during the Winter months. There are 65 days of scheduled racing each year.

The actual racetrack has a reputation for being very tough and one that will find out all but the best thoroughbreds. It is a right-handed oval which is just under 2000 metres in length. There is significant undulation and the bends are sharp. A win at Bangalore is very-much regarded as being a feather in a horse’s cap!


Despite the relatively small piece of land that contains the racecourse, facilities are top-notch. There is stabling for over a thousand horses, an amateur riding school, a veterinary hospital, walking rings, training schools, three training tracks and an equine swimming pool.

You can thank the patrons of Bangalore for helping to get rules changed in India, in terms of off-course betting. As well as making wagering much easier for Indian citizens, this has contributed greatly towards investment and financial stability in Indian horse racing.

The future of Bangalore Racecourse would appear to be very bright. This is a venue which showcases horse racing in India superbly and consistently produces high-quality meetings and races. Indians have a real passion for horse racing which nobody who attends an Indian racecourse in person can fail to witness.

Betting With RaceBets

At RaceBets, we have noticed that interest in Indian racing has widened in recent years and it has attracted fans from all over the world. More races take place in India than in any other country in Asia. With such a huge population, along with a booming economy, Indian horse racing almost certainly its best years ahead of it.

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Bangalore Horse Racing – Bet Online
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